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Ange has made vacation and emergency travel arrangements for both my family and me. She consistently finds the best, most affordable flights and hotels that fit our budget. All travel arranged by Ange is seamless with details carefully planned, explained and executed. Ange’s years of travel experience and organizational skills allow her to plan for details most travelers and passengers may not think to ask. Her travel advice and suggestions are first-rate. One of the most reassuring and valuable aspects for booking with Ange is that she makes herself available for any unforeseen circumstances that may arise while on a trip. Ange doesn’t just book clients and forget about them. She is reliable before, during and after the trip making sure plans were as expected. Ange provides top quality travel experiences.
- Valeri, Hanwell NB

There is no shortage of incredible descriptors for the travel services of Ange Fuller. It has been decades since I have worked with a travel agent, however when we made the decision as a family to take an overseas trip (London & Paris) within a relatively short time frame, Ange did it. She was awesome to work with. Intently listened to our ideas, offered wise counsel on possible revisions for efficiency, gave us great choices for everything we were looking to do. Once our decisions were finalized Ange whipped it together and ensured we were fully prepared with all the logistical support we needed. On our arrival to Europe we experienced a delay due to customs due to crowds and once alerted she was able to rebook us immediately on the next train and everything fell back into place in no time. Had we been trying to manage this on our own, while traveling, with a family, it would have been bedlam.  However it was not as Ange managed it all. She checked in and throughout the time we were away if something came up Ange was on it and it was resolved. What a gift to be having this tremendous travel experience with your family and NOT have any concerns to manage as well. We could not speak more highly of our engagement with Ange and we won’t be going abroad without her going forward!

- Ian, Fredericton NB

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I reached out to Ange last fall looking to plan a getaway with just a few weeks to plan. From our first phone call, I knew I was working with someone who was really listening to my needs (even if I wasn't 100% sure what they were myself!) She quickly researched and shared with me possible options. Once I decided on a destination, she took care of every detail and responded to any questions promptly. I felt completely supported during the planning process right through to my return. In a time of self-serve everything, I hadn't expected to work with a travel agent, but it was worth every penny of her very affordable rate to have someone take care of all the details. Would highly recommend her and will definitely work with Ange on future adventures!
- Heather, Fredericton NB

We've booked several vacations through Ange and could not be more pleased with the services provided. The extra travel tips and information packages she gave us allowed for stress free travel to Mexico. Ange was very quick to reply to my email questions and requests, and I felt she truly cared about helping us have the best vacation experience. I look forward to my next vacation and will definitely be booking with Ange at Those Who Wander!
- Jessica, Fredericton NB

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I was VERY impressed by the speedy service and dedication of Ange through Those Who Wander. Within 48 hours, she had found us the best deal "out there" and took care of all the logistics of booking, talking with the hotel and ensuring we had thought of everything (travel insurance, bicycle transport, etc.). She was very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive through the planning and booking process. Excellent service! Highly recommended. I feel much more at ease having booked through such a reputable agent! We will use her services again and I recommend those considering a trip do as well.
- Stephanie, Fredericton NB

Trying to figure out what to do during the vacation is the most stressful for me. So having a travel agent who - A. is a world traveler herself & has been to the destinations already so she can provide great recommendations on what to do & what to avoid, B. knows me personally & can recommend excursions based on my likes & dislikes, and C. handles the reservations so I can sit back & enjoy - is vital. Being able to travel with confidence knowing that everything is taken care of & I am ready to enjoy the fruits of Ange’s labor!
- Dionne, Kenilworth NJ

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